Christian Heusch



Senior IP Expert
Swiss Patent Attorney / European Patent Attorney
MSc RWTH Aachen / PhD TU Cluj-Napoca

Why am I a patent attorney?

“When I was a student, I started my first company and immediately found myself in the middle of a trademark conflict. The combination of economic thinking, entrepreneurship and intellectual property protection has stayed with me ever since.”

Fields of activity

Career and experience

Christian Heusch works as a Swiss and European patent attorney, focusing on semiconductor technology, electronics, mechanical engineering (particularly gear technology and gear cutting machines), as well as software inventions.
Christian Heusch has been a founding member, co-owner and partner of Swiss IP Partners Holding AG since 2013. Prior to this, he was Managing Director and sole proprietor of the law firm OK pat AG, having its registered office in Zug and a branch office in Sargans. In parallel with this, he also managed the Munich office of OK pat GmbH.
Christian Heusch first encountered intellectual property matters during his studies.

Christian Heusch is a graduate of the Rheinisch-Westfälisch-Technische Hochschule (RWTH) in Aachen, Germany. He completed his studies as a graduate in electrical engineering with a focus on semiconductor technology. He then trained as a patent attorney (Switzerland) and as a European patent attorney in the patent department of the IBM Research Laboratory in Rüschlikon, Switzerland. In 2000, he took over the law firm OK pat AG and gradually expanded it. In June 2007, his dissertation in the field of “Industrial Engineering” was accepted at the Technical University in Klausenburg, Romania.

Christian Heusch took on various roles and responsibilities while working at International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) in Switzerland and in England, including an international assignment at the headquarters of the IBM Research Division and the IBM Microelectronics Division in the USA. Among other things, he was responsible as Manager and IP Counsel for the IBM Intellectual Property Department of the IBM Research Laboratories in Rüschlikon, Switzerland, and Haifa, Israel.

epi (Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office)