Oliver Horlacher


Patent Expert

Swiss Patent Attorney / European Patent Attorney

M.Sc. ETH / Dr. Sc. ETH

Why am I a patent attorney?

“As patent attorneys we are in regular contact with the latest developments in science and technology. We identify and put the inventions into words, and thereby support the inventors’ commercial success. The wide range of inventions combined with complex legal questions never fails to pose new challenges.”

Fields of activity

Career and experience

Oliver Horlacher works as a Swiss and European patent attorney with a focus on the technical fields of analytical chemistry, chemistry, biochemistry, life sciences, metrology, process technology, liquid handling, as well as medical and laboratory technology. Oliver Horlacher also serves clients in academia and supports startup founders in IP matters. Moreover, he advises our clients in other intellectual property matters such as trademark and design law.

Oliver Horlacher has worked for Troesch Scheidegger Werner AG in Zumikon since March 2023.

During his dissertation, Oliver Horlacher could file a patent application based on parts of his research findings. The interaction with patent attorneys in connection with his research gave him a first understanding of the field of intellectual property law, and he decided to turn this interface between research, technology and the law into his profession.

Oliver Horlacher holds a Doctor and Master of Science degree from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich). The focus of his studies was on structure elucidation of organic compounds, organic synthesis and biological chemistry. His doctorate involved the synthesis, biological evaluation and improvement of anticancer medicaments and antibiotics for tuberculosis. Oliver Horlacher gained initial experience in the field of patent law during his doctorate as an intern at a patent law firm. In a next step, he started work as a patent attorney candidate and subsequently as a patent attorney for a Zurich-based patent law firm, where he was admitted as Swiss and European patent attorney.

INGRES (Institute for the Protection of Intellectual Property)