Sonja Bonneick

Patent Expert
European Patent Attorney
Dipl. Biol. TU Braunschweig / Dr. rer. nat. ETH / MAS IP ETH

Why am I patent attorney?

“I am interested in dealing with many different technologies, people, and subjects. The additional combination of technology and law also presents interesting challenges.”

Fields of activity

Career and experience

Sonja Bonneick works as a European patent attorney, primarily in the fields of laboratory technology, steel processing, food chemistry, and polymer chemistry, but also in the field of biopharmaceuticals.
Sonja Bonneick has worked at OK pat AG since 2007, which became part of the TSWpat Group in 2013 and merged with Troesch Scheidegger AG in 2020.
In her student days, Sonja Bonneick was already interested in a wide range of different technologies. As a biology student, she often attended mechanical engineering trade fairs. There she was introduced to the patent industry by the European Patent Office. She kept hold of the documents until she had completed her doctoral thesis, and then picked them up again when considering her further professional career.

In 2005, Sonja Bonneick began to shift her training focus to the field of intellectual property law and first successfully completed the one-year post-graduate course “Master in Advanced Studies in IP” (MAS ETH IP) at ETH Zurich. From 2006 to 2007, she gained insights into the patent and trademark department of a large Swiss pharmaceutical company. In 2007, she began her training to become a European patent attorney at OK pat AG. She was admitted as a representative before the EPO in 2013.

Sonja Bonneick studied biology at TU Braunschweig and the Philipps University of Marburg. She graduated from TU Braunschweig in 1998. While there, she completed her thesis at the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, focusing on developmental biology. She then moved to the Institute of Cell Biology at ETH Zurich for her doctorate, and in 2005 was awarded her doctorate in the field of neurobiology, focusing on hereditary neuropathy.

epi (Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office)

VESPA (Verband der freiberuflichen Europäischen und Schweizer Patentanwälte)

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