Bruno Haller

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Patent Expert
Swiss Patent Attorney

Why am I a patent attorney?

“As a patent attorney, you deal with your clients’ latest ideas on a daily basis. The focus is constantly on progress, and on the innovation on which it is based, not just in one technical field but in many different fields. A patent attorney’s job is therefore extremely exciting and varied, but also highly challenging and demanding. You also get an insight into the ways in which different companies generate new ideas and can then help them to successfully protect their products in the market.”

Fields of activity

Career and experience

Bruno Haller’s work focuses on intellectual property rights in the electrical engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, medical and laboratory technology, and mechanical engineering sectors, particularly in the fields of electronics, communications technology, signal processing, metrology & control technology, acoustics, vacuum technology, and plant engineering, as well as computer-implemented inventions.
Bruno Haller has been working for Troesch Scheidegger Werner AG in Zumikon since January 2009.
A major part of his work as a research engineer at Bell Labs was to recognize, at an early stage, any ideas worth protecting and to work with patent attorneys to secure basic patents for the company in new areas of technology. Based on this experience, in his next job at a US start-up, Bruno Haller was responsible for everything to do with IP. The importance of this subject became obvious when the company was later to be sold and the existing patent applications were the main focus of the discussions. This led Bruno Haller to enter the patent industry on a full-time basis on his return to Switzerland.

For more than five years, he worked in the patent department of a Swiss medical technology company (2003-2008). During this time, he gained a wide range of experience in intellectual property protection from the perspective of an industrial company.

Bruno Haller studied electrical engineering at ETH Zurich (ETHZ) (1984-1990). After graduating as an electrical engineer, he first worked in the R&D department of a Swiss telecoms company (1990-1993), before returning to ETHZ as a research assistant in the field of communications technology and IC design (1993-1998). Thereafter, he spent five years working in the USA, first at Bell Labs Research (1999-2001) and then at a start-up company in California (2001-2003).

ASPTA (Association of the Swiss Patent and Trademark Attorneys)

FICPI (International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys)